Welcome to the Dungeon Masters’ guide section of Hipsters & Dragons, where I collate all of my tips and advice on the noble art of being a Dungeon Master, as well as reference some external resources.

Note: As this page requires manual updating, it doesn’t contain ALL the DM advice published on this blog. For that hit the blog post category ‘DM Tips’.

Don’t be afraid to drag reluctant players to the session…

Beginner’s Guide to DMing

New to D&D? Let me try and help you navigate this brave new multiverse for you!

Intermediate Tips & Advice

So you’ve learned how to run a game. Now it’s time to move towards mastery… here are tips on making combat encounters more fun, mapping a dungeon, making sure difficult players don’t spoil the game and much much more. (This part of the blog is in continual, albeit somewhat slow, development… here’s what I’ve covered so far):

Optional Rules For Improved Gameplay

The official 5th Edition rules have won widespread praise for their balance and gameplay, but one size doesn’t fit all, and I’ve definitely had cause to make some adjustments and additions for my sessions. Whilst there are many (quite annoying) purists out there, a key part of the philosophy of every edition of Dungeons & Dragons is that DMs should amend and improve the rules for their games – if the end result is more fun then you’ve done the right thing! Here I introduce my rules fixes and amendments, and optional gameplay mechanics that I believe can make your adventures more fun. Take them, leave them, use them, abuse them, fix my fixes… they’re yours to play with!

Overpowered Feats / Spells / Abilities

Whilst 5th edition plays smoothly for the most part there are definitely some skills and powers that unbalance gameplay. Here are some of the ones I’ve encountered so far and how I’ve dealt with them. I think you’ll find a few useful tips here if you’ve had similar problems…

Other Resources

A miscellaneous list of stuff that could be handy!


There’s a whole ‘nother section of this blog dedicated to both official 5th edition D&D adventures and others, so go check it out.