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How Can I Start Playing Dungeons & Dragons?

One of the mission statements of this blog is to blow away some of the fog of mystery that surrounds this enigmatic game we call Dungeons & Dragons, and help people access this amazing past time. Aside from allaying fears about whether it’s satanic or not, or do you have to be some kind of […]

What is Dungeons & Dragons? And How Do I Play It?

If you’ve heard the words “Dungeons and Dragons” a million times without actually having any concrete idea what it is, let alone how to play it, then don’t worry… you’re definitely not alone. Most people only have a very vague (and often wildly inaccurate) notion of what Dungeons and Dragons is at best; whilst the […]

Introducing Hipsters & Dragons…

Welcome hipsters, geeks and gamers to the inaugural Hipsters & Dragons post! I’m really excited to launch this blog and share some of my gaming know-how and experience with you guys, and hopefully as well be part of bringing roleplaying (and specifically my favourite roleplaying game – Dungeons & Dragons) to a wider audience. I […]

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