So you’ve chosen to whet your blade and head into the wilderness with nothing but some iron rations, 30 ft of rope and a few first level spells up your sleeve? Well let this page be the proverbial compass that gives you advantage on survival checks as you delve into the multiverse…

Here we share tips for creating more powerful, more fun and more realistic Player Characters (depending if you want to power game or roleplay, or find that perfect mix), advise on the likes of selecting spells, dealing with deadly monsters as well as basic gaming etiquette and doing your part to ensure the game as enjoyable for everyone as possible. Yes maybe the first post you should read is “How not to be a dick in Dungeons & Dragons” (coming soon)… your fellow gamers will thank you!

General Advice

How not to be a really annoying player – essential reading!
How to be an awesome player (coming soon)

Character Building

Rogue Assassin: Roleplaying and Optimising Tips
A table of phobias – giving your character a weakness makes them more credible.

More Resources