This is where the real fun begins! Here I want to share my beloved creations! The 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons storylines, villains, monsters and entire worlds that I spend hours / days / weeks / months creating to play with my friends, will be posted here for others to enjoy.

If you’re looking for quality, play-tested adventures with plenty of variety – not just combat, but problem solving, NPC interaction and fun details – that are ready to play please bookmark this page. Creating stories that keep an entire cast of different personalities engaged can be tricky, but with over a decade of experience as a Dungeon Master (and a lifetime of experience of analysing, critiquing and creating fiction) I sincerely hope that my adventures can bring a lot of joy and entertainment to your table.

As well as my own homebrew 5e D&D adventures I will also include links to official Wizards of the Coast material where I’ve had a chance to play and review it (a lot of it is excellent), and maybe selected material from other Dungeon Masters in the gaming community.

List of Adventures & Gaming Materials

Coming soon!